The Computational Media Lab at the ANU focus on computational problems for understanding online media and their interactions with and among humans. We develop core methods in machine learning and optimization. We also formulate and solve problems in understanding online behavior, multimedia and the broader implications of machine intelligence.

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Posts Posted on Mar 16, 2022

FAQ for lab candidates Posted on Jul 20, 2017

read this before you email us

We look for new team members who value curiosity, critical thinking, and diversity in ideas, skills, and cultural perspectives.

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Gallery Posted on Sep 12, 2016

Image gallery of computational media lab

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Research Themes in the Lab Posted on Jun 2, 2016

Our research is broadly concerned with automated undertanding of rich media, esp. pictures and language; and modeling of collective online behaviours. We specialize and innovate in different method in machine leanring and optimization, recent favorites include: stochastic time series models, sequence and language models with neural netoworks, matrix and tensor factorisation, active learning, structured prediction models.

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Publications Posted on Jan 12, 2016

Recent papers authored by the Computational Media group.

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People of Computational Media Posted on Jan 2, 2016

We are a diverse group in terms of research interests, background, technical skills, and cultural perspectives.

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Recognitions, Media and News Posted on Jan 2, 2016

What others and ourselves think are note-worthy and news-worthy.

Honours and recognitions June 2021, Siqi Wu received Honourable Mention for his 2021 paper “Cross-Partisan Discussions on YouTube: Conservatives Talk to Liberals but Liberals Don’t Talk to Conservatives” with Paul Resnick of University of Michigan. Sept 2019, Siqi Wu, Marian-Andrei Rizoiu and Lexing Xie received Honourable Mention from ACM CSCW for the paper “Estimating Attention Flow in Online Video Networks”. August 2018, Siqi Wu became one of four recipients in Australia for the 2018 Google PhD Fellowship.

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Lab Contact Posted on Sep 2, 2014

We are located at the CECS (College Engineering and Computer Science) precint on ANU Campus.

COMP4670/8600 Statistical Machine Learning 2022 Posted on Jan 2, 2000

a broad but thorough intermediate level course of statistical machine learning, emphasising the mathematical, statistical, and computational aspects

Teaching and Outreach Posted on Jan 2, 2000

We have been creating and teaching a few courses at ANU Computer Science. We also speak to the broader audience in a variety of occasions.

Citations Posted on Jan 1, 2000

Posted on Jan 1, 0001

CM Lab Guide to Computing Rule #1 Be considerate to others who share the same computing environment. Basics There are three computing servers (i.e. dijkstra, cray and braun) in our group, basic information about them are: dijkstra (deployed 2018-08) CPU: ?? (same as cray) GPU: 2 x [NVIDIA Titan ?] RAM: ?? (128 GB) cray (deployed 2018-08) CPU: 2 Intel(R) Xeon(R) Silver 4114 CPU @ 2.

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Getting in touch:

Drop us a line if you are interested in knowing more about our work, collaborating, or joining us.

The humanising machine intelligence project is recruiting two research fellows, see here.

We are not actively recruiting PhDs for 2021-2022, but if you have a strong track record and believe your interests and ours are a tight fit, feel free to drop us a line with your CV.