Dr Heping Shen

Dr. Heping Shen is research fellow from the Research School of Engineering at ANU. She focuses on developing low-cost, high-efficiency photovoltaic technologies. Dr. Shen won her PhD degree in Material Science and Engineering from Tsinghua University (QS ranking #17), focusing on the cutting edge research of nanomaterial synthesis and application in photovoltaics. Early in 2018, Dr. Shen achieved record efficiency for all-thin-film tandem technology that opens the door to future development in photovoltaic technologies. (Media report: https://cecs.anu.edu.au/news/anu-research-advances...). Dr. Shen and colleagues also invented a unique, highly-effective materials-based approach to fabricating simplest perovskite/Si tandem solar cell, resulting in prominent optical loss and minimizing the processing steps.



Nanomaterial sysnthesis and characterization

High-efficiency optoelectronic device fabrication

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