We look for new team members who value curiosity, critical thinking, and diversity in ideas, skills, and cultural perspectives.

Q: Are you currently recruiting ?

A: We are looking for several research fellows who has passion and compelling track record for making a difference in machine learning on graphs, humanising machine intelligence, and modeling online attention. We have one PhD opening in 2019 on modeling online attention.

Q: What does the Computational Media lab look for in a candidate?

A: We value curiosity, critical thinking, and diversity in ideas, skills, and cultural perspectives.

More specifically, candidates are expected to be strong in at least two of the following skills:

  • Mathematical thinking;
  • Computational thinking and the ability to prototype ideas against data;
  • Research background in machine learning, optimisation, or one of the problem areas related to our lab.

Q: What should I know about doing research / pursuing a PhD?


You start graduate school with a vision of ‘‘my dissertation: the movie’’ and you end graduate school with ‘‘my dissertation: the pretty good short story.’’ – Anne Rogers to the New York Times, quoting David Touretzky. See http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9B00E7DC1631F934A35753C1A9619C8B63

You should be aware of some of these research career advice https://github.com/lexingxie/awesome-phd.

Also take a look at posts on this website on life in the lab http://cm.cecs.anu.edu.au/categories/misc/ .

Q: I’m an PhD/MS/undergradudate student and is interested in doing a postdoc / PhD.

A: Research fellow and PhD positions are supported through various scholarships, research grants in a competitive basis. Drop us a line with your CV, representative publications, software project, or other evidence showing track record and potential. We will reply if there’s a strong enough interest match.

Q: I’m an undergradudate/MS student and would like to pursue research internship with you, is this possible?

A: There are two ways to engage with us and try out research:

(1) The annual summer research scholar program, applications due in August, research internship last between November and Feb. Similar programs are available through Data61, CSIRO and other local R&D organizations, their application timelines are similar, the process may be slightly different.

(2) Several ANU CS courses are solely/mainly focusing on a project, such as COMP4560, COMP8755 and a few others.

  • If you are a current ANU student, you can apply for both (1) and (2).
  • If you are a current student in another university in Australia or New Zealand, you can apply for (1).
  • If you are currently outside of Australia or New Zealand, we regret that we do not have the resource to bring people from overseas for a short stay. If you can fund your own stay, and still believe our lab and you are good fits to each other, then send an email listing the reasons.